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The Mclub was formed 2 years ago in the 2006-07 season. Originally conceptualised whilst driving down the Acle straight on the players way to Beccles Town FC it was initially the vision of Mclub creator who saw the potential of an AWAY club. This gave him the captivated stage to waffle endlessly about his journeys and monotanous stories coupled with his worthless Facts about animals. Bored with his constant drivel the club set about developing questions and members polls round the long journey which finally ended some 2.3 hours later. A journey of only 46.8 miles had finally took its toll and thus the Mclub4 was born.


This unique members club now boast some 8 members and even though members leave the club they still have attempted to start satellite clubs within their own teams. But the overriding fact is they still return to the club at some point.


During the 2008-09 season the club instigated an international section and Foriegn Affairs became its 1st member.


Visions and ambitions are to enter new markets and once the UK is fully developed Europe is seen as a undeveloped territory for the Mclub brand.





Current history


The club is going from strength to strength and this coming season new members have already applied.


Application forms are now being considered and transportation is now being purchased to accomadate the extra members.


The season will start in August and a AGM meeting of the founders is held during this month.


Please look out for more details on this event.

Map of the infamous ACLE straight


"the sixth rule of MCLUB4 is the Creator knows all"

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