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Members Top 5
These are some of the top 5 items selected by Club members


The Gimp mask was a popular nominated object as a top 5 item especially by Member1 and was also a popular choice amongst the other members.
The mask came in a variety of colours and breathing filters and was accessorised by rubber gloves.


2. Baked Beanz
This rational choice by the members for survival was highly recommended.
Curry flavoured was the most popular and a case was chosen as one of the top 5 items on the voyage.


3. Bren gun
For no other reason than for hunting for food and obvious protection the Bren gun was nominated by Member Prof.
Quickly adapted as a main item by most members this object required experience and hence only the over 21 year olds were allowed to nominate as a top 5 item.


4. Wet wipes
Another top choice by the members and would come in handy with item 5.
The non perfumed ones were the most selected choice and came in 100 and 200 packs.


5. Reading material
Coming in a No.5 is reading material. With the long nights anticipated on the marshes it was a very populat choice with votes just creeping in over No.4.
The final choice of title is open to debate and will be subject to a vote early on in the season.

"the fourth rule of MCLUB4 is we all love Lorraine Kelly"

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